Come back now! with Omega Point

I was resting to write a blog for a long time.

Now, I will write a blog again.

Because I started the activities of the Second Life again.

I am building a new Omega Point now with Sweetlemon.

But I fogot to use wordpress (lol),Please forgive me for not write a well blog.

0316_Neo Omega Point_0100315_Neo Omega Point_0170315_Neo Omega Point_0160315_Neo Omega Point_0100315_Neo Omega Point_0070316_Neo Omega Point_011

The new Omega Point is not yet complete, but you can visit here.



Alpha Point New Objects

Sweetlemon is making some objects for Alpha Point.

Alpha Point New Object_1

Alpha Point New Object_2

Alpha Point New Object_3

Alpha Point is still under construction,but anyoen can visit there.

Under the Sky : LEA Exhibition

This exhibition was made by Yooma Mayo.
Concept :All living things are under the same sky.
He is very great creator.  And he is my good freind!

Under the Sky by Yooma Mayo_1Under the Sky by Yooma Mayo_2Under the Sky by Yooma Mayo_3Under the Sky by Yooma Mayo_4

20120121_Under the Sky by Yooma Mayo_008

Please visit there and enjoy!

Spencer Museum of Art

Here is amazing art sim , name is “Spencer Museum of Art”

We can imagine anything.

“In the real world, art that repeatedly falls on its visitors might be grounds for a lawsuit. Thankfully, your avatar is well-equipped to sit in a pile of worn-out couches and enjoy the Petrovsky Flux, which grows like a cluster of molecules, then blows itself up before restarting the cycle.” from showcase comment.

120121_Spencer Art Museum_001

120121_Spencer Art Museum_003

120121_Spencer Art Museum_004

120121_Spencer Art Museum_009

120121_Spencer Art Museum_008


My Favorite Shop *+Worldview of Crie Style+*

“Crie Style” is my favorite eyewear shop.

Sim is also great appearance.

Crie Style_3

Crie Style_008

Novel design and delicate frame…….Everything is perfect!

You can try DEMO before buy it.

Crie Style_013

Crie Style_014

Crie Style_012

It is also nice group gift!!

Crie Style_011


Shinto shrine & Miko san

Most modern Japanese go to Shinto shrine at New Year’s to pray for a prosperous year.

I also went to there in RL and in SL.




A Miko (巫女) is a Shinto term in Japan, indicating a shrine maiden (jinja) or a supplementary priestess who was once likely seen as a shaman but in modern Japanese culture is understood to be an institutionalized role in daily shrine life, trained to perform various tasks, ranging from sacred cleansing to performing the Kagura, a sacred dance.


Miko’s costume is so cute and also sacrament.

And so some japanese girls wear Miko’s costume in SL. This pic is Hotaru-san with Miko’s costume.


In Japan, attracts good luck and fortune in rake decorated.


From Hotaru Greenwood_1

Kumade(Rake) was made by Hotaru Greenwood.

She gave me it . Thank you Hotaru!!!


Leroy is prety cute place.

And have many gifts スマイル

The first You have to check at this signboard in TP Point.


And so you arrive to “WELOVECOOKIE”.


Gifts can be found in one home.


There are a lot of gifts. ………………also Xmas gifts. I had to come there before Xmas. lol

Maybe too late. But I use them this year Xmas ウインク

The overall look like this…………….


TP Point

Art Box *Lunch atop a Skyscraper*

I love Art Box.

Frankie Rockett & Violet Sweetwater made The Art Box Gallery.

They helped me a lot when I made Imagine Plus Art Land.

And so we became good freind スマイル

I visited there yesterday. Then I took some photos.

One of them….From “Lunch atop a Skyscraper

Art Box_1-crop

Lunch atop a Skyscraper (New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam) is a famous black-and-white photograph taken by Charles C. Ebbets during construction of the RCA Building (renamed as the GE Building in 1986) at Rockefeller Center in New York City, United States.(from Wiki)


And I found also this….


So fun! I also love CSI:NY  lol

Art Box

Large tree in Happy Mood

Happy Mood is very intersting Land.

There are fantastic islands and tiny malls. a lot of cuty tiny avater.

Large tree gave my imagination…………………………….

Happy Mood_1

Happy Mood_3

Happy Mood_4

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